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Information on presenting within our colloquium.

Goal of the colloquium

The goal of the international graduate and research school GREES at the University of Stuttgart is to support scientific trainees in the field of energy efficiency and thus also supporting the research focus "sustainable energy supply and  environment" at the University of Stuttgart. GREES therefore offers an additional interdisciplinary program to the scholars to encourage the interdisciplinary exchange between business and science.

Speakers from businesses, science and politics talk about recent energy related issues within the colloquium.

Current programm


The GREES colloquium is moderated by Prof. Dr. Peter Radgen and takes place in summer and winter terms on thursdays (starting time 5:30 pm). During the summer term, the focus is on energy efficiency in process related technologies, in winter terms on cross sectional technologies.

The presentation should be scheduled to last about an hour. After that, we take up to 30 minutes to discuss on the topic. The audience is rather heterogeneous. All GREES scholars are obliged to take part in the colloquium. Additionally, students of our main subjects as well as external people are invited to the colloquium. The colloquium is public and free of charge.

Former programm


The graduate school is always interested in the exchange with the industry and politics. Prof. Radgen usually offers to have a meeting at the day of the presentation to talk about future cooperations and activities to strengthen the exchange.

Speakers have the chance to present their company as an attrative employer to students of our main subjects (mostly technical studies: mechanical engineering, energy technology, industrial engineering). Please keep in mind that the professional exchange has to come first.


You are interested in presenting within our colloquium?

Call me or write an Email to clarify all uncertainties and get further information. (Kontakt)


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Charalampos Alexopoulos


Geschäftsführer GREES

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Peter Radgen

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Head of Graduate School

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