Research field: Thermal energy

The research field thermal energy focuses on heat and cold.

Details on the research field

The research field thermal energy conducts research in energy efficiency in this field. It consists of the following research areas: heat and cold.


In the research area "Heat", GREES deals with energy efficiency in applications using or producing heat. Currently three PhD projects are active: High-temeperature storage systems, integrated energy systems and heat recovery. Three more projects have been completed. Links to the research area "Cold" do exist.


In the research area "Cold", GREES deals with energy efficiency concerning the production and utilization of cold. Currently one reserach project on the sustainable development in the cooling demand is active. Two more concluded projects do exist, that both focused on energy efficiency in buildings.

Current research

  • IER-06 (Luis Carlos Chamorro Romero): Heat recovery in batch-processes
  • IER-07 (Hélène Godin): Integrated energy systems in industrial plants
  • IFK-02 (Georg Hartfuß):Thermochemical engery storage for heat recovery in steel plants
  • IER-10 (Paula Wenzel): Energy efficient chillers

Current scholars

Completed research projects

  • IFK-01 (Jan Bischof): Development of adaptive controls for biomass combustion
  • IHS-01 (Andreas Neipp): Development of an axial expansion turbine
  • ICVT-01 (Jiabing Xia): Reverse Electro Dialysis Bipolar Membrane: A New Concept Energy Storage System
  • IGE-01 (Tobias Henzler): Adaptive building envelopes
  • IGE-02 (Mohammad Reza Adili): Ventilation effectiveness in residential buildings
  • IGVP-02 (Mathias Eichler): Selection, characterization and assessment of component systems for heat storage by absorption
  • IER-09 (Maximilian Drexelius):Sustainable development, cooling demand and decarbonization

Former scholars


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