Training program

GREES offers a special training program for the scholars, to ensure the quality of scientific research and broaden the knowledge transfer of the scholars

Quality assurance

To assure the quality of the scientific training as part of GREES and to convey a broad knowledge, the training program is organized in the following categories:

  • Training
  • Research
  • Practical Work

Structure of the training program

The training program of GREES consists of 3 parts following the qualification program GRADUS. Scholars do have to attend subject-specific scientific seminars with a minimum of 6 credit points. Additionally, non-scientific seminars with a minimum of 4 credit points need to be attended. The scholars also have to participate in two interdisciplinary seminars at GRADUS.

Find additional information on GRADUS here.

Scholars duties

Scholars are obliged to work on their respective research project (doctoral thesis). The current status of their research has to be presented and discussed on a yearly basis, the GREES Statusseminar. Additionally, all scholars are obliged to attend the GREES colloquia.

Moreover, scholars should have the opportunity to attend national and international workshops and conferences, to increase their knowledge and present their results to a broad scientific community

Further support

GREES supports practical work, for example: Research internships at companies or reserach institutes national and international.

Veranstaltungen der Graduiertenschule


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