Research field: Electrical energy

The research field electrical energy focuses on the areas motor systems and potential evaluation.

Details on the research field

The research field electrical energy deals with energy efficiency in electrical systems. It consists of the following research areas: motor systems and potential evaluation.

Motor Systems

In the research area "motor systems", GREES deals with energy efficiency in electric motor driven systems. At the moment, three research projects are active in this area. These projects focus on ventilators, pumps and compressors. One research project has been concluded. Overlaps to the second research area do exist.

Potential Evalutaion

In the research area "potential evaluation", GREES deals with the evaluation of potentials for example for energy efficient technologies. Right now, there are no PhD projects in this area, but three research projects have already been concluded. These researchs includes communication technologies, energy savings potential curves and plasma activated surfaces.

Current research

  • IER-05 (Ulf Lindner): Model development for analyzing the energy consumption of cross-section technologies with a focus on compressed air
  • IHS-02 (Fabian Hankeln): Increase energy efficiency by the optimization of industrial pump systems
  • IHS-03 (Aikaterini Kentroti): Increase in energy efficiency and decrease of noise emissions of ventilators


Current scholars

Completed research projects

  • IER-01 (Jean Brunke):Sector-specifiy energy efficiency potential curves
  • IGVP-01 (Philipp Grimmer):Plasma activated surfaces and materials to increase energy efficiency
  • IER-04 (Michael Miller):Opportunities and potentials of information- and communication technologies to increase energy efficiency

Former scholars


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