Excursion: Pracitcal energy efficiency

We are looking for companies who implemented energy efficiency measures and welcome guests in their company.

Excursions of the graduate school


The graduate school GREES offers an annual excursion for all scholars. Within the excursions, interesting companies of the industrial sector are visited. The excursions focus on practical energy efficiency in the companies. The scholars are enabled to asses their research and get new impulses through discussions with employees.

Visited companies

Every year GREES offers a two day long excursion to visit one or more companies.


How you can support us and profit from our Know How.

The core of the excursions is an intense dialog about chances and difficulties of energy efficiency measures.

Within visiting your company, we look at your implemented energy efficiency measures and develop suggestions for further improvement or give references to current funding programmes or new technologies. Since all involved persons are active in industrial energy efficiency, potentials for improvement can be adressed in almost every excursion.

Furthermore you have the chance to present your companies as an attractive, future employer.


You are interested in offering an excursion to the members of the graduate school in your company?

Call me or write an Email to adress all uncertanties or get further information. (Kontakt)


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