Reseach field: Flexibility

The research field flexibility focuses on the areas sector integration and flexible usage of energy.

Details on the research field

The research field flexibility deals with the flexible usage of electrical energy. The field is divided into two areas: sector integration and flexible usage. Overlaps between these two areas are common.

Sector integration

In the research area "sector integration", GREES deals with the substitution of processes based on fossil energy sources by electrical substitutes. Currently two research projects are active: Sector integration of industrial heating and cooling supply; Flexibility of AC-systems. One project is already completed.

Flexible usage

In the research area "flexible usage", GREES deals with flexible usage of electrical energy on an industrial level. Currently one project focuses on energy flexibility in companies. One more project exists that looked at demand side management, it is already completed.

Current research

  • IER-08 (Nils Seckinger): Sector integration by the example of integrated cooling and heat supply
  • IGE-03 (Matthias Eydner): Flexibilization of AC-systems through decentralized systems
  • EEP-01 (Alejandro Tristán Jiménez): Development of a method for a systematic approch for assessment of energy flexibility and management in companies

Current scholars

Completed research projects

  • IER-02 (Steffen Bubeck): Electrical energy technologies and their potential for rational energy usage
  • IER-03 (Martin Steurer): Demand side integration as instrument for an efficient and environmental friendly energy supply

Former scholars


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